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Web design

Professional web design services, website development, online store development and product catalog, as well as website maintenance and administration services, SEO optimization, graphic design and logo, as a freelancer.

Servicii de creare site web, magazin online profesionale

Modern & responsive website design

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Brochure or e-commerce website development with a unique design developed from zero, and when I say it from zero I do not mean installing a theme on a platform and changing the text here and there, but everything written from zero.

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Brochure website made on a platform of your choice with a custom design.

Dgboard CMS

Create a brochure site on my own platform with a unique design, very fast loading and very good SEO.

Creare site web de prezentare
Online shop

Modern & optimized e-Commerce website


Modern & SEO optimized e-Commerce website, developed on a platform that meets the requirements, which allows you to easily manage products, payments, orders, transport, etc., with the help of the related management system. In addition, you can see statistics of orders, the value of the sold products, the most visited or purchased products, etc.

Your store will have

A modern design to represent you and your business.

Good loading speed and simple order process.

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Website administration

Website management and graphic design

Website maintenance

Website administration, keeping the platform or scripts up to date, content management, creating or modifying pages, etc.

Web design

Graphic design required for any website, logo, banners or image processing.

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Why Website?!

Every kind of business needs a certain online presence.

It is the easiest opportunity to expand your market.

Provide information about your business and services.

It is one of the most important ways to serve your customers. A website provides information about your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever it is convenient, with content, product details and images, all interactive.

Your bussines website helps you save time and money.

If you have a local business and you think it is expensive to have a professional website, then find out that this is not the case.
Compared to the costs of offline advertising in a magazine or newspaper, the maintenance of a website is much more advantageous, especially since the public potential that a website can reach through online promotion is much wider.

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